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1,300 Years of Collective Experience

Our team members customize the application of their 1,300 years collective experience to craft each client's solution. Currently located in six countries on five continents, there is no real estate issue that they have not encountered.

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Thomas Amato

Specializing in valuation, market research and due diligence.

Midwest, USA

Scott Astorino

Specializing in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Robert Bagguley

Specializing in strategic real estate advisory

Corrèze, France San Francisco, California, USA

Andrew Batho

Specializing in environmental and sustainable real estate solutions

Durban, South Africa

Paul Batho

Specializing in architecture and urban planning

Durban, South Africa

Katie Becker

Specializing in executive search and talent management.

Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Alan Boucher RPP | MCIP

Specializing in Development Management and Strategic Advisory Services

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Allan Carr, RPA, ACCI

Specializing in Commercial, Multi Family and Retail Property Management

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Stan Cohn

Specializing in real estate investment opportunities

San Francisco, California, USA

Mark K. Comstock

Specializing in Retail and Industrial Development and Lifecycle Management

Bellevue, Washington, USA

Michael J Crenna

Specializing in Commercial Real Estate Technology and Financial Technology

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Nicolás Cruzat

Specializing in Chilean and US investment acquisitions

Santiago, Chile

Thomas Curtin

Specializing in investment banking solutions

Tampa, Florida, USA

Robert “Bob” Demarke

Specializing In Property And Facilities Management

Midwest, USA

Tim Down, CCIM, RI

Specializing in Brokerage, Sales and Leasing and Property Appraisal and Tax Assessments

Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

David Fenech

Specializing in corporate tenant representation

Sydney NSW, Australia

P. Marc Fischer

Specializing in asset, facilities and construction management

Baltimore, Maryland, USA

David Hayes

Specializing in interior general contracting and M&A activities in that industry

San Francisco, California, USA

Paul Hayward

Specializing in Project Management

San Francisco, California, USA

Sally Hayward, RPA

Specializing in commercial leasing and marketing of office and retail properties

San Francisco, California, USA

Scott Hill

Specializing in commercial real estate due diligence professional services.

Dallas, Texas, USA

Steve Holzhauer, AIA

Specializing in strategic architectural services

Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Lonnie Homenuk

Specializing in property management and transactional activity

Tampa, FL, USA Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Rolf Jourgensen

Specializing in development and transactional activities

Lafayette, California, USA

Ian W. A. Kermack

Development industry experience, primarily in high-rise mixed use and hotel development

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Jim Kerrigan

Specializing in data center related real estate representation

Midwest, USA

D. Laird Kulak

Specializing in international business development and construction management

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Catherine Lai

Specializing in Sustainable Solutions

London, UK

Don Land

Specializing in development and transactional activities

St. Louis, Missouri, USA

John Langreck

Specializing in federal and state tax credit and incentives

Sacramento, California, USA

Travis Littlefield

Specializing in commercial real estate due diligence professional services

Dallas, Texas, USA

Joe Markling BOMA Fellow, RPA, CPM, CRCMP, CCPI

Specializing in Commercial Property Due Diligence and Executive Development and Mentoring

San Antonio, Texas, USA

Steve Martinez

Specializing in project and construction management

Midwest, USA

Ed Mendence

Specializing in both owner and occupier real estate representation

San Jose, California, USA

Chris Miles

Specializing in strategic and urban planning and architectural design solutions.

Orlando, Florida, USA

Thomas Miller

Specializing in multi-sector development management

Sarasota Beach, Siesta Key, Florida, USA

Peter D. Morris

Specializing in strategic real estate consultancy.

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Trina Nagakura

Specializing in accounting and executive support

San Francisco, California, USA

Amy Nawrocki

Specializing in the Telecommunications Industry bringing expertise in Corporate Real Estate Negotiations, Acquisition and Strategic Initiatives

Midwest, USA

Vic Para

Specializing in rooftop and digital building infrastructure

Colorado Springs, CO, USA

Rob Parker

Specializing in facilities construction management for occupiers

Sydney NSW, Australia Melbourne VIC, Australia Perth WA, Australia Singapore

Norman J. Quinn, III

Specializing in real estate financing and property tax issues

Midwest, USA

Jim Renzas

Specializing in corporate site selection and incentives negotiation

Los Angeles, California, USA

Mark Royal

Specializing in healthcare development and operational consultancy

Midwest, USA

Mitchell Rothstein

Specializing in industrial brokerage, acquisitions and dispositions.

Midwest, USA

David Schwalb

Specializing in real estate investment opportunities, and disposition of associated business assets

Midwest, USA

Chrystal Skead

Specializing in Multi-Family Property Management

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Jim St. Marie

Specializing in operations and project management

San Francisco, California, USA

Donald W. Sherman

Specializing in commercial real estate capital advisory and financial structuring services involving institutional debt and/or equity.

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Steve D. Smith

Specializing in property and facilities management

Las Vegas, NV, USA

Allan Skodowski

Specializing in LEED and Sustainability Services.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Bob Spence

Specializing in representation of both investors and developers

Los Angeles, California, USA

Katherine Thomas

Specializing in strategic marketing and graphic design

Los Angeles, California, USA

Timothy Tuttle

Specializing in Funds into a pool of investment grade commercial mortgage loans

Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Gene Ventura

Specializing in Strategic Consulting, Acquisition and Development

Southern California, CA, USA

Kirk White

Specializing in ESG, and real estate technology infrastructure

Houston, TX, USA

Ed Wlodarczyk

Specializing in Strategic Advisory and Financing Services

Southern California, CA, USA