Investment Advisory

Multi-market and Culturally Aware

We leverage the in-depth multi-market knowledge garnered from our Team Members’ collective investment management experience, coupled with careful cultural awareness, to identify assets for you to acquire.

Why work with us

We will then perform exacting due diligence that can support the process, whether for investors or end-users of real estate.

Representative Projects

Winston Salem

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Midwest Metropolitan

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Bespoke Team Partners

Thomas Amato

Specializing in valuation, market research and due diligence.

Midwest, USA

Robert Bagguley

Specializing in strategic real estate advisory

Corrèze, France San Francisco, California, USA

Stan Cohn

Specializing in real estate investment opportunities

San Francisco, California, USA

Nicolás Cruzat

Specializing in Chilean and US investment acquisitions

Santiago, Chile

Joe Markling BOMA Fellow, RPA, CPM, CRCMP, CCPI

Specializing in Commercial Property Due Diligence and Executive Development and Mentoring

San Antonio, Texas, USA

Timothy Tuttle

Specializing in Funds into a pool of investment grade commercial mortgage loans

Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Ed Wlodarczyk

Specializing in Strategic Advisory and Financing Services

Southern California, CA, USA