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Specializing in strategic and urban planning and architectural design solutions.

Design & Project Development

Proactively identifying elements of design and construction that affect cost, marketability, operations and occupancy.


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English born, American, Chris Miles, is the founder member of Lighthouse Creative, Inc.  He was educated in Architecture and Three Dimensional Design at Oxford before becoming owner principal of a London based architectural practice. In 1980 he moved to the United States as Creative Director for a large theme park in Florida, subsequently heading the Leisure Division of Florida based HHCP Architects over a ten-year period and growing it as major international design force. Among his design credits are the Shamu Killer Whale Stadium for SeaWorld, planning for projects at Universal’s Studios Park and the Gardaland themer in Italy. At HHCP he designed an open-air theater for the San Diego Zoo, spearheaded the first artificial island development of Lulu Island at Abu Dhabi, UAE for Sheik Zayeed. He undertook, as Design Principal, significant work on the Awaji Sealife Park near Osaka, Japan.

After working in California in the mid nineties as a Director of Landmark Entertainment  Miles returned to Orlando, Florida as Design Director for HOK Studio E. one of the largest US based architectural companies specializing in entertainment-retail, hotel resort and lodging and park design. His list of personal achievements include assignments for LEGO, Hyatt, Heron and MCA Universal Studios. His Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Science and Technology complex is constructed at Dahran, Saudi Arabia.

Located in Orlando, Florida, with a world practice, Lighthouse Creative was established in 2002.  Over the past two decades designers- planners Miles, with Jeffrey Blydenburgh, have provided strategic and urban planning and creative design solutions to many projects in Europe, North America and Asia.

Lighthouse Partial Project / Client List​
  • Specializing in large-scale leisure based projects Lighthouse has worked with well -known park, hotel, entertainment-retail developers, sports clients and operators.
  • Miles was Design Director for MCA’s Universal’s City Walk in Orlando and three highly successful Heron City retail village complexes projects in Spain and Sweden, among many other entertainment-retail assignments.
  • Miles and colleagues undertook the master plan of Wolfsburg in Germany, the planning design for the Simitai Salaam Resort near the Great Wall, China, for Sama Dubai, and more recently Robotland for a major Korean entity. These a few of a number of projects putting entertainment-planning theory to practice.
  • Lighthouse Creative has been responsible for a broad ranging world portfolio, including planning and design for the Ft Lauderdale Airport Terminal 1, Real Madrid Sports City, Spain and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers sports franchises. It is the planner designer of The Adventure Mall at Rohini, New Delhi, and the entertainment master plan for the NOIDA urban development in Uttar Pradesh, India.
  • Lighthouse has worked for a considerable number of Chinese clients in the park and urban city planning environments and on unique hotel and waterside projects. Among these is the comprehensive China Yachting Industry report for the Shanghai Planning Authority undertaken in 2002, and conceptual projects for the walled City of Jingzhou.
  • Currently Lighthouse provides strategic planning consulting for the Orlando Museum of Art future program. It has carried out studies on a new high rise venture in central Orlando.
  • Recently Lighthouse completed schematic design for a casino hotel complex in Riga, Latvia, and work on the conceptual master plan for the town of Questa, New Mexico.