Kirk White

General Counsel, Founding Team Partner


Specializing in ESG, and real estate technology infrastructure


Bespoke REA
Chief Information Officer, General Counsel

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    Houston, TX, USA

Kirk is an experienced executive-level professional possessing a unique combination of operational and technical expertise, strategic planning, legal and compliance acumen, and organization engineering. Kirk has spent 25+ years leading in positions focusing on technology, commercial contract law, commercial real estate, capital markets and executive enterprise management.

Kirk’s prior roles include Chief Operating Officer (COO) at GEMSA Loan Services, LP, one of the largest commercial real estate loan servicing organizations in the industry, with a total loan portfolio of over $120B. As COO, Kirk oversaw loan servicing operations, IT, business analytics, compliance/audit, HR functions, corporate finance and organizational policies and practices.

Prior to GEMSA, Kirk was the Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Transwestern Commercial Services, LLC where he was responsible for all enterprise applications, end-user support, networks, and communication systems. Kirk began his tenure at Transwestern as General Counsel where he was responsible for the negotiation and administration of all major national and regional client and vendor contracts, focusing on risk mitigation, compliance, and standardization.

Current Service Offering​
  • Enterprise strategic and tactical consulting
  • Technology systems design and implementation management
  • Business analytics and data strategies
  • Compliance and audit advisory
  • Web and social media strategies
  • Commercial real estate legal advisory
  • Risk advisory emphasizing insurance analysis, BCP/DR practices, and contract standards and best practices
  • B2B contract negotiation emphasizing risk recognition/mitigation, compliance and audit requirements, service level specifications and credits, and security and privacy obligations