Robert Bagguley

Founding Principal

Specializing in strategic real estate advisory

Investment Advisory

In-depth multi-market knowledge coupled with careful cultural awareness, to identify assets for our clients to acquire.

M & A Strategy

Advising on mergers and acquisitions through strategic consideration of real estate assets and human capital.


Bespoke Real Estate Advisors
Founding Principal

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After more than 40 years in the international real estate services industry, Robert launched Bespoke Real Estate Advisors, Inc.  in the fall of 2016, assembling a team of talented individuals and strategic partners in order to create specialized real estate solutions for each and every client. Robert provides executive oversight for all Bespoke assignments. Acting as the client advocate, he leads the interpretation of each client objective and formulates Bespoke responses to exceed expectations in quality and delivery throughout each assignment. His familiarity with the specific expertise of each of our team members ensures the creation of the optimal team to provide differentiating and customized real estate solutions. Robert will continue to identify and attract industry leaders as we expand our team partnerships, by geography and array of real estate disciplines.

Robert has been recognized for his innovative thought leadership, embracing a strategic approach combined with hands-on execution. He has been a team leader for numerous startup operations, a strategist on mergers and acquisition activities, a designer and an implementer for domestic and international joint ventures and strategic partnerships. He enjoys the challenge of engineering new post-merger issues within those new entities. Specific examples of those case studies may be found below.

Throughout his 40+ year career in the real estate industry, Bespoke founder Robert Bagguley became increasingly aware that no single company, no matter how large, offered services to holistically address the assignments at hand.

He envisioned a single-company, unlike any existing, with a “bespoke” team of collaborative, individually talented specialists who transcend geographical boundaries and corporate mandates.

Driven by his passion for crafting optimal client solutions, Robert founded Bespoke Real Estate Advisors, Inc. in 2016 and began uniting all the expertise within his vast circle of industry-leading friends and colleagues from around the globe to partner in providing value-enhanced real-estate solutions at the highest level.

In less than one year, Robert’s simple idea to holistically address individual client needs has rapidly grown into a team of nearly 30 industry-leaders whose collective real estate knowledge includes such specialties as architecture, brokerage, sustainability and workplace strategy optimization.

As Bespoke continues to grow, our core values remain centered around the importance of each client being heard, understood, and, ultimately, fulfilled. Timeline of Robert’s 42 years of industry experience: