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Partner Authored

2024 Inflation Outlook: The Impact of Employee & Retirement Crises

Today’s 2023’s job report was a mixed bag: a robust addition of 2.7 million jobs but with a stark gap in critical sectors. Most notably, healthcare, especially senior care, is facing an acute crunch. Over 1 million caregiver roles in the Senior Housing Sector remain unfilled, a symptom of a deeper malaise. 🤔 Why is […]
Partner Authored

Cold Storage Is Underserved in the United States

As a result of changing preferences of the American consumer, the quickening pace of scientific discoveries, and the commercialization of cures and treatments, America has run out of room in the refrigerator. Prior to COVID-19, U.S. cold storage was in short supply. Nationally, the segment has a historically low vacancy rate of 10%. Given consumer […]
Partner Authored

Healthcare Innovation and National Security: The Pandemic’s Exposure of an Endemic Problem

COVID-19, with more than 575,000 American deaths in just over one year, has shown just how dangerous a lack of broadly dispersed, readily available healthcare can be to the health and safety of the United States. It was not just the dearth of ICU beds, PPE, and the like, but also the lack of local […]
Partner Authored

Future of Central Business Districts in Cities such as San Francisco

I have resided in SW France since 2019 but have frequented San Francisco, Chicago, Tampa and Houston during numerous post-pandemic visits. It is very sad to see the prevailing “ghost town”experience in North and South of San Francisco’s CBD. Not only has it been effected by technolgy employees exodus to work remotely, but employees of […]
Partner Authored

A Quick Primer for Developing the Position Description for a Corporate Real Estate Executive

The Corporate Real Estate (CRE) world is currently witnessing an increased number of job openings for CRE executives across all industries. Hiring firms seeking senior CRE executives are facing a market in which demand for these existing and projected positions is expected to exceed the supply of qualified and experienced CRE professionals over the next […]
NewsPartner Authored

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Primer

Over the past few years, environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations have had major sway in CRE decision-making. Take Laurence Fink, CEO of BlackRock, who stated in 2020 that climate change is a defining factor in companies’ long-term prospects and that it will affect “a fundamental reshaping of finance.” Or, consider Chuck Leitner, CEO of […]
Partner Authored

How to Hire a Corporate Real Estate Leader to Support Corporate Strategies

The process of hiring a corporate real estate (CRE) executive starts long before you post your open position on a job board. Taking a thoughtful approach to the hiring process, this white paper will coach you on how to first envision a role for CRE that holistically supports your organization’s overall goals. To help you […]
Case Study

Retail Conversion: Three Periods of Change

Retail has evolved through three distinctly volatile times. Now is the time to make a change. 2008 Crash The economic downturn of 2008 dramatically changed the way retail brands evaluated store performance; prior to 2008, many brands measured store success by sales per store. After the turmoil of 2008, retailers started to understand that sales […]