2024 Inflation Outlook: The Impact of Employee & Retirement Crises

Today’s 2023’s job report was a mixed bag: a robust addition of 2.7 million jobs but with a stark gap in critical sectors. Most notably, healthcare, especially senior care, is facing an acute crunch. Over 1 million caregiver roles in the Senior Housing Sector remain unfilled, a symptom of a deeper malaise.

🤔 Why is this alarming?

💊🏥 Healthcare Strain: The healthcare sector added 38,000 jobs in December 2023 alone. Job demand needs in this sector far outstrips supply. This isn’t just about numbers; it’s a crisis impacting the sustainability of our healthcare system and community well-being.

👵🏼🧓🏾 Senior Care Crisis: Every day, over 12,000 Americans turn 65 and many leave the workforce. This escalating demographic shift amplifies the demand for skilled, compassionate caregivers, essential for maintaining our seniors’ quality of life.

👩‍💼📉 Retirement Crisis/Exodus: The growing number of retirees compounds the employee shortage. As experienced workers leave the workforce, the pressure on younger workers and the overall economic structure intensifies. It’s not just a number; it’s a transformation in the makeup of our labor market.

🚨📉 The U.S. faces a looming workforce crisis. With a fertility rate of just 56.1 births per 1,000 women (15-44) in 2022, half of what it was in 1957, the country is on a trajectory towards a significantly aging population and a shrinking labor force. This trend poses a serious challenge to economic growth and workforce sustainability👶🏽👵🏼. The diminishing younger population could lead to a strain on resources and a heightened demand for labor across sectors. 📊🏥

💰🔥 Inflationary Forecast for 2024: These dual crises – employee shortage and retirement – are poised to exert unprecedented pressure on inflationary growth. With ongoing wage inflation, the forecast for 2024 is concerning. We could see sustained, if not increased, inflationary trends, affecting everything from healthcare costs to general consumer prices.

🧐 What can we do?

Merely adjusting interest rates won’t cut it. We need groundbreaking strategies in workforce development, specialized education programs, and healthcare and retirement policy reforms.

🗣️ Join the Discussion: This is a pivotal moment for our economy. What are your views and solutions? Let’s collaboratively forge a path to address these complex challenges.

– Gene VenturaGene Ventura

CEO at Ventura Partners, LLC | Innovative Real Estate & Investment Strategist