How to Hire a Corporate Real Estate Leader to Support Corporate Strategies

The process of hiring a corporate real estate (CRE) executive starts long before you post your open position on a job board. Taking a thoughtful approach to the hiring process, this white paper will coach you on how to first envision a role for CRE that holistically supports your organization’s overall goals. To help you define the role your new leader will play within your organization’s overall strategic and operational plan, our experts propose five essential questions, and guide you through specific considerations for each:

  1. What role does CRE play in the company?
  2. What scope of CRE services does the organization require?
  3. How should the company ensure the CRE strategy is aligned with its current/future business strategies?
  4. Where does CRE report and how does it integrate into the organization?
  5. Which CRE activities should be retained in-house and which should be outsourced?

Key considerations for a number of different business models and industries are proposed as a frame of reference.

Following this discussion, the white paper explores how to effectively prioritize and express what it is you most need in a CRE executive to ensure they can support the goals of CRE as you have defined them above. Once you have a vision for the person you want, you will need to make sure that person sees your position as a valuable opportunity. Critical to attracting top candidates, many of whom will already be employed elsewhere, is learning how to express the uniqueness of the opportunity as well as the challenges to which they will have the chance to apply their expertise. Our experts give you the tools to show candidates that they will “have a seat at the table,” and that your organization knows the role and the value of CRE in the big picture.