Timothy Tuttle

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Specializing in mortgage financing and real estate investments

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Vancouver, B.C., Canada

+1 250.727.3500

Timothy Tuttle is President of Canada Penfund Mortgage Corporation, a CMHC approved commercial mortgage correspondent located in Victoria, British Columbia which operates a mutual fund trust investing in commercial mortgages. He has worked in commercial mortgage finance for over 30 years and for seventeen years prior to Canada Penfund he held executive positions with two national Life Assurance companies and in mortgage banking as Regional Manager and Vice President.

Mr. Tuttle has underwritten and administered mortgage transactions in the many billions of dollars. He has vast experience in real property investment and has been involved in every aspect of it. He is widely known and is trained in risk management and financial analysis. He has been involved in high level athletics and coaching, and is a graduate of the University of Alberta.