A Quick Primer for
Developing the Position
Description for a Corporate
Real Estate Executive

A companion to Bespoke REA’s earlier white paper “How to Hire a Corporate Real Estate Executive to Support Corporate Real Estate Strategies,” this practical guide to writing the nuts and bolts of a position description is essential for ensuring the way you advertise the role not only attracts candidates but also reflects the actual experience and competencies that the candidates will need to carry out their responsibilities, should they be selected.

To make the task of position writing as straightforward as possible, our experts start by advising on the most productive approach to setting position goals and expectations, which necessarily involves the collaboration of all departments who will work with the role. 

This brief introduction is followed by a breakdown of each of the five main sections of a position description: overall scope and vision, technical real estate experience required, soft skills required, duties and responsibilities, and qualifications and experience. Our experts not only describe the purpose of each section, but also propose a list of examples and considerations for how to decide what is truly needed and can reasonably be expected by the company, including such considerations as organizational budget, strategic influence and managerial and leadership responsibilities of the role.  

The white paper concludes with a discussion on experience level and “stretch” candidates, which will be essential in helping you narrow down your candidate pool once you start reeling in all of your interested applicants!