Bespoke Real Estate Advisors Opens Illinois Branch

This is important to us and our clients because it represents our greatest concentration of Team Partners. We have just concluded our Annual General Meeting in Chicago, and welcomed colleagues and guests to celebrate our recent sixth anniversary, and the addition of nine new Team Partners since the beginning of the year. Representing our most significant growth since our inception in 2017.

We also proudly announced the appointment of founding Team Partner, Ed Wlodarczyk, as our new Chief Investment Officer. His focus will be to identify equity and debt solutions for our growing client base, as well as seeking out investment opportunities for clients.

As we continue to expand our geographic coverage in Canada and Australia, as well as here in the Midwest, we will be updating you soon on our activities and successes. As a client recently noted – “Your Team’s possession of more than 1300 years of collective experience is your differentiation for new potential clients as they are adjusting to the new realities of a constrained debt market, and disruption of a once vibrant office sector” – Our strength is the experience to create Bespoke solutions. Also it is worth noting that the average experience of our partners is close to 30 years in the real estate industry not the most recent cycle.

I so appreciate my ability to work with my colleagues, and thank them for all of their contributions, and even more important for the confidence and support of our clients. – Robert Bagguley is the Founding Principal and CEO of Bespoke Real Estate Advisors, Inc.

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